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Since it opened in 2002, what best characterizes the Aquablue diving center is you, the divers who come back year after year in ever-increasing numbers and with whom we share the same passion for the sea and diving. Aquablue is also, and above all, a state of mind and an atmosphere based on a team of friendly, smiling instructors who don't take themselves too seriously, even though they are true professionals, many of whom have worked in many different countries. You know this team well, as it varies little from season to season.



Aquablue Plongée is committed to respecting the environment and its inhabitants. We take two types of action: concrete achievements at the club and raising awareness of the need to protect the planet.

Our message is in no way moralistic, and we leave it up to each individual to appreciate the situation and act accordingly.

Our awareness message

Our entire team is committed to a sustainable planet. Our convictions are passed on not only during diver training, but also every day, during our explorations. We remind divers on board our boats before dives of the importance of respecting the seabed, and we provide brochures on the flora and fauna.

Aquablue has also been a partner of the Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Reserve since its creation. Together, we are helping to protect the environment and biodiversity.

This commitment is also reflected in our close relationship with the Gulf of Lion Marine Park and our collaboration with its team on projects to develop and protect diving areas.

Our concrete actions

Since the club's creation in 2002, our showers have been fitted with push-buttons. These allow us to regulate consumption and avoid wastage, thus saving considerable amounts of water.



In the same way, diving equipment is not hosed down. Rinsing trays are provided. Thanks to this, there's no over-consumption of water. In this small way, we're doing our bit to protect the planet.



Aquablue has also chosen to use boats made from recyclable materials. The Passager du Vent, for example, is made of aluminum, while the Destin des Flots is made of wood.



We regularly carry out clean-up actions in the port of Banyuls, and encourage our divers to bring up the small pieces of garbage they sometimes find while diving. FFESSM ecosub bags are available.

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