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First Dives

Have your ever wonder what it feels like to breath underwater?

Do your First Dive, magic is guaranteed !

First Dive, Marine Reserve Banyuls

Take advantage of our extensive experience to discover in the best conditions your first excursion into the world of silence.

It's accessible to everyone aged 8 and over, with no need for a medical examination and no need to master the use of equipment beforehand, at a maximum depth of 6m.

Immersion lasts around twenty minutes, starting from the boat.

Alone with an instructor, you'll observe the flora and fauna of the shallow waters of the Banyuls Marine Reserve or Cap Béar, close to Aquablue Plongée.

So book your first dive now with our friendly team of professional instructors, and share an unforgettable moment in a family atmosphere!



Baptism scuba diving is available all year round. You take the boat to a specially adapted dive site. In summer, a special time is set aside for scuba diving baptisms.

Combination packages are also available, allowing you to introduce scuba diving in several stages.

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