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"La Case Marine 5 stars IDC Dive Center", organizes professional Dive Master and PADI Instructor training courses. We work in partnership to provide you with the best possible training conditions.

Why do your IDC with us?

Tailor-made and personalized preparation 2 months before the training date (homework sent and followed up to ensure optimum preparation for the exam).



-Possibility of obtaining up to 5 Instructor Specialties as a bonus, for greater employability with the Level following the MSDT.



- Possibility of bilingual and trilingual training to learn the basics so you can work in English- and Spanish-speaking countries.



- Our Course Director is also a trainer and assessor at CREPS Montpellier for the BP and DE levels, and we also offer you the opportunity to become a state-recognized instructor in France.



- Possibility of taking a language course in parallel with your training

on bilingualism close to the border



- CV preparation workshop with a center manager in charge of recruitment.



- Once you've graduated, the concept of companionship:

We'll help and guide you in your job search, network creation and development (post-training support on all issues, career development, employability, etc.).



- Possibility of training in scientific diving and archaeology with B mention (European IMCA equivalence)



- Full training by our Course Director.


It requires a minimum of 60 dives in 12 days, plus a theory exam.

This gives you access to the 1st PADI professional level.

You learn to supervise divers, set up safety systems, map a site and assist an instructor.

With this diploma, you can work abroad. It's the most sought-after certification in the recreational diving industry.

Double certification with the N4 is possible under certain conditions.

Sea slug - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer

It takes 5 days and includes a theory exam.

With the Assistant Instructor you obtain the first part of your PADI Instructor rating.

You learn how to teach diving, using PADI standards and procedures and understanding the diving business and your role as an instructor.

With this diploma, you increase your scope for working abroad and can take the second and final part of the Instructorate.

*Course run by our partner La case marine Dive center 5-star IDC



It takes 9 days plus a 2-day IE exam.

With the PADI Instructor rating, you obtain the world's most recognized and sought-after professional diving qualification.

You learn to teach and lead basic PADI courses.

The course :


  • Consisting of two parts: the AI (Assistant Instructor) and the OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor), the IDC course teaches you to lead basic PADI courses to become an international PROFESSIONAL diving instructor.

  • 9 days + 2 days exam.

  • Possibility of taking the EFRI with an extra day.

  • Indoor pedagogical and theoretical training: presentations, workshops, theoretical reinforcement, learning standards, session preparation.

  • Practical training in Protected and Natural Environments: learning to teach the 24 PADI Open Water exercises, Rescue exercises and teaching all levels up to Divemaster.

Application requirements are :

  • be at least 18 years old.

  • have held the DIVEMASTER or equivalent for 6 months

  • to have completed the primary and secondary EFR courses within the last 24 months.

  • a medical certificate of no contraindication to scuba diving, less than 1 year old.

  • Emergency First Response Instructor (can be integrated into IDC training)

  • A minimum of 60 logged dives at the start of training and 100 to sit the IE exam.

*Course led by our partner La case marine Dive center 5-star IDC


2024 session dates  

- April 22 to 30, 2024

- From May 13 to 22, 2024

- October 21 to 29, 2024



*Subject to sufficient applicants.

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