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Marine Reserve & Cap Béar

Marine Reserve

The Cerbère-Banyuls National Nature Reserve was created in 1974 by the Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales and extends from Banyuls/mer to Cerbère. Its creation helped to reduce the impact of pollution, fishing and tourism, which were destroying the coastline. It allows certain species such as groupers, barracudas, dentex, corbs and many others to repopulate over time. There are several sites to choose from, here are just a few:

  • Les 3 moines

  • Cap l'Abeille Nord

  • Cap l'Abeille Sud

  • Les Tyñes

  • Le Dôme

Mérou brun - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer.
Murène - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Oursin Violet - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-m
Seiche - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Labre - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Corbs - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer

Cap Béar

Cap Béar is located near Paulilles and belongs to the commune of Port-Vendres. It is home to the lighthouse and semaphore, built in 1861 and used by the French Navy. It's the ideal place to find octopus, lobster, nudibranchs and coralligenous. There are several sites to choose from, here are just a few :


  • Sainte Catherine

  • Sec de Valenti

  • Roche de la Llose

  • Cap Béar

  • La Cove

Poulpe - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Doris Dalmatien - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur
Langouste - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Rascasse - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Bernard l'Ermite - Aquablue - Banyuls-su
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