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Cap Creus

A trip to the Cap Creus Spanish Reserve, an older reserve with more fish than Banyuls, is available for half-day or full-day dives (2 tank's dive).

After the dive, a snack is served on the boat. 

Several sites are accessible in this area, but we mainly dive at Massa De Oro. This magnificent dive is renowned for its crystal-clear water and abundant groupers and barracudas.

The fauna and flora are varied, with red coral in particular.

Other sites are available on Cap Creus, and we adapt them to suit the divers.

Corail Rouge - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-me
Cap Creus - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Mérou - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer
Banc de Sars - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-me
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