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  • By road

A9 highway and exit 42 at South Perpignan.

Then take the direction of Elne, Argelès-sur-Mer, Collioure then Banyuls-sur-Mer, by D914.


  • By train

Banyuls-sur-Mer train station, TER from Perpignan.

At Perpignan, train station from Paris, Lyon, Barcelone, etc.


  • By plane

Perpignan airport (Direct flights from Paris).

At Banyuls-sur-Mer, take the direction of the marina.

Our premises is located in front of Dock E, bellow Maillol alleys. 

Our values

Since its opening in 2002, what characterizes the best Aquablue dive center : it's you, divers who are coming back every year more and more and with whom we are sharing the same passion for the sea and diving. Aquablue is also and more than everything a mind spririt and an atmosphere wich is counting on a wellcoming and smiling instructor team who don't take themselves seriously even if they are a bunch of real professional who, for the most, have exercised in many countries.

Aquablue dive center is engaged for the respect of the environment and its inhabitants. We are doing two kind of actions : concret achievements at the club but also some sensibilization for the planet protection question. Our message is in no case moralizing and we are letting everyone the care to appreciate the situation and to act in consequences. Aquablue has also made the choice to use boats made with recycled materials. For example, "Le Passager du Vent" and "Le Vagabond des Mers" are made of aluminum.

We are often doing harbor of Banyuls cleaning actions and we are encouraging our divers to collect small waste they can sometimes find underwater. Ecosub bag from the French diving Federation (FFESSM) are available.

Every member of our team is engaged for a sustainable planet. Our convictions are shared not only during the divers course but also every day during explorations. Instructions for the respect of the submarine environment are recalled on the boat before each dive session and pads concerning fauna and flora are made available. 

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