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It consists of 6 dives for divers aged 12 and over. The theoretical training manual, logbook and certification are included in the price.

The latter quickly gives you the possibility of working underwater in a supervised manner in the 20m zone.

Level 1 and Open Water certification can be obtained in 8 sessions.

Level 1 - Aquablue - Piau-Engaly-sur-mer
Level 2 - Aquablue - Piau-Engaly-sur-mer

It consists of 10 dives, with access to training from the age of 15. 

Nb: The prerogatives of autonomy can only be exercised from the age of 16. 

You can choose between taking courses at the club or doing it at home at your own pace before taking the theory exam.

You can explore up to 20m on your own or up to 40m with an instructor.
Ideal for exploring the region's magnificent wrecks!

Level 2 and Advanced certification can be obtained in 10 sessions.



It takes place over 10 dives for those aged 18 and over. It also includes theory courses and a written final exam.

This is the highest level of autonomous diving.

With it, you can dive up to 60m! The seabed will hold no more secrets for you...


May 13 to May 24

June 03 to June 14

September 16 to September 27

October 7th to October 18th

Every week during july and august

Level 3 - Aquablue - Piau-Engaly-sur-mer
Level 4 - Aquablue - Piau-Engaly-sur-mer



April 08 to April 19

May 13 to May 24

June 03 to June 14

From July 08 to July 19

September 16 to September 27

October 7th to October 18th

It takes 1 or 2 weeks to complete, with courses and a theory test. Entry to the training program is from the age of 17. 

Nb: Supervisory prerogatives can be exercised from the age of 18. 

You become a diving guide. From then on, you can take divers of all levels on exploratory dives.

If you want to dive with your friends or children, this is for you!

For aspiring diving instructors, this is the last step before professional training.



Under certain conditions, you can take the PADI Divemaster course and obtain an International Professional Diploma in just 4 additional days.


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