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French diving school FFESSM
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NITROX dive course
Become Dive Instructor

Aquablue Dive center offers a wide range of training courses all year round for divers wishing to discover the underwater world.



For young divers, the diving center offers courses for children aged 8 to 14.

From the age of 12, divers can take FFESSM (Fédération Française d'Etudes et de Sports et Sous-Marins) and PADI/SSI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors / Scuba Schools International) levels. 

Formulas exist for dual FFESSM and PADI certification.

The club also offers Nitrox training and intermediate qualifications, enabling you to increase your diving depth in autonomous or supervised mode without having to pass a level.



Finally, for aspiring instructors, Aquablue Plongée welcomes trainees every year, as well as initial and final courses.

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