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Intermediate qualifiactions

Our center offers another range of training courses: intermediate qualifications.

These allow you to increase your maximum diving depth in a supervised or autonomous way.

Supervised Diver 12m (PE12)

This qualification allows divers aged 10 and over to discover the underwater world in greater detail, without having to pass Level 1. After 3 sessions, you can dive with an instructor up to 12m.

Supervised Diver 40m (PE40)


After passing a Level 1, from the age of 14, it offers the possibility of evolving in the 40m zone without passing Level 2. After 4 sessions, you can discover deeper sites, such as wrecks, accompanied by an instructor.

Courses - Aquablue - Banyuls-sur-mer.

Autonomous Diver 20m (PA20)

It's an alternative to Level 2, accessible from the age of 15. You can dive freely within 20m after 8 diving sessions.

Nb: The prerogative of autonomy can only be exercised from the age of 16.

Autonomous Diver 40m (PA40)

This is an alternative to Level 3, accessible from the age of 17. It increases your autonomous diving range to 40m in 5 sessions.

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